Managed for Wildlife

As a species, mankind has exploited the Earth's resources for profit and greed. This comes from a widespread belief that we own the land and can therefore do with it as we please. However, I agree with the viewpoint of many indigenous cultures, that we are custodians of the land, with a duty to leave it in a better state than when we took office.

This belief underlies everything that happens at Lodgegate Wood. My aim is to improve this tiny piece of the planet to increase biodiversity and improve conditions for the current inhabitants, animal and plant. The most obvious signs of this are the opening up of rides and glades to allow sunlight to reach the woodland floor, and also the management of the trees to increase diversity and provide suitable habitats for as wide a variety of animals as possible. To begin with, this will involve drastic thinning of the existing thicket. Parts of the wood will then be managed using traditional coppicing techniques, which are proven to benefit wildlife as well as providing a source of financial income to the owner.

So use the menu on the left to see what has been discovered so far. This is by no means a definitive list of what lives here, but is a record of what has been positively identified and recorded to date.

Latest Observations